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          Drama in the house

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          There's a lot of drama going on in the house... I came home and found out the Ana was talk about everybody... I tried to find out what she was saying about me but they couldn't give me a strait answer.... Later I found out that my name was just mention in an instant message when Arneta was talking to Ana.... But Jamu is really loving this new found Internet... On my way to work I stopped by Virgins music store to check on some CD's but they didn't have what I was looking for... On my way out the door I noticed a crowd around this guy that was playing something that sounded like Ambient music.... It was nice and I started to walk away but I just had to listen to some more of the music so I went back.... I stayed there for about 5 min and then left a tip and walked away... but the music was caught in my head so I went to the store and got more money..... I went back there and got a little closer... I realized he was making this music on a Sony Vaio 501.... That was kool.... I looked at the CD's he had there and bought one... I can't wait to play it tomorrow when I go home.... While reading my e-mail tonight I saw an interview for a higher position that I wanted.... it's for Tuesday...


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