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          Oh my god!!!... I just bidded on some "Sea Speaker 4.0".... suppose to be better then Bose.... Man I don't even have a stereo yet..... Well I guess I have to buy one.... I felt kind of bad today when I was cooking... Deamon and his brother came home. and John was there his girl. They kept looking at what I was cooking. It was only Linguine. It seems like everybody in that house is having financial problem, though I did see a deposit sub for 2000.00. I guess because it is rent week. I really don't want to have to feed the crowed, but Deamon's girl only cooks for him sometimes and John's girl hardly cooks for him at all. I probably cook the most. Deamon also talked about the kitchen being a mess. I kind of get the feeling that he is only telling me and is expecting me to clean up. I'm not the one that leaves dishes in the sink for days. And I've long since stopped washing their dishes. One of these days I will decided to just get my own place..... For what I'm paying here I could just throw in a couple more hundred dollars and just get an apartment.... but then that will subtract from my personal spending habits.... Well one day.... =0)


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