Gotcha moments

Just watched the latest Press Briefing with Jay Carney and had to sit through 10 minutes of some reporter try to create a gotcha moment when really he just didn't understand the technology and the concept.

This reported had a vague knowledge that the website wasn't the only way to enroll, that a person could also pick up a phone, or pin for that matter, and sign up that way. Where he got lost was he believe once the person go off the phone and the rep took his information and signed him up, he believes this rep was going to go through the same process the caller did and try and sign up on his own through the frontend, when in reality service reps has a backend application they use that probably doesn't have the same problems. With this miss communication its easy to see how the public is confused, if the reporter himself is confused and so doesn't give out accurate information and contributes to the confusion...

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