Been a while...

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything… mostly busyness, mostly laziness. But also I’ve been updating my website with my blog from my old site trying to put it into this new blog system. I’ve come to realize it’s taking forever… So where should I start. I’m still married. I can’t believe it’s already a year 2 weeks ago. Damn time flies so fast. And now I’m about to have a baby girl. This Christmas will a pretty nice Christmas since she will be born around the 24th of December. We decided to name her Kaia… was a month battle to get that name. I wanted Kaiya but Mae thought it was too Japanese. Never mind the fact it could have been Hawaiian or Native American Indian. But I still like Kaia and it’s even more unique. She decided Shanti will be her middle name. The doctor says the baby is strong. I would think so; she always seems to be beating the hell out of Mae Ann from the inside. And she is constantly moving. I already know I want her to play the Violin when she is older, so I can sit and listen. There’s even a Violin in the closet waiting. Okay yes I like the Violin… use to play it in Junior High and High School. Dad drove up last month and dropped off a nice stroller that turns into a carrier and fits in a car seat. Since Mae is working at Target she finding all kinds of discounts… sometimes more then I’d like to hear about. Luckily she doesn’t just go on a shopping spree and let me find out later. I’m still playing World of Warcraft. Somehow I still find my way back there. My Shaman, Katsumi, is up to 66 and should be 67 before then of the weekend. My Mage, Kaiyo, is 67 and I’ll finish leveling her up once I reach 70 on my Shaman. Hopefully soon I’ll get enough video footage to create a video of my Shaman. For some reason though it’s harder to run into fights with her because nobody seems to mess with me. I have to go into Battle Grounds where they don’t have a choice. But I’m trying to make a World PvP video. There are not many Shaman music videos out there so I figure I should put in my contribution. But regardless I need to get both these characters to 70 before the baby is born because I won’t have much time after that. I’m also back in school again… will it never end…. Taking PHP and Flash this time. Yes I know... why am I taking PHP if I already know it???? Well I want a solid foundation and some structure. I’m taking Flash, one because I’ve always wanted to take it, but also because I just realized I could integrate Flash with PHP and MySQL and do some crazy shit!! The possibilities are endless…… I’ve also been doing a lot with Xoops. It is basically a web content management system similar to phpnuke. Right now I’m working on 4 sites for one of my friend’s uncles. I have a friend doing the artwork so I can concentrate on the backend programming and the creation of the website. I have to say it’s looking pretty sweet. It has a Hawaiian style theme to it. I’m only charging him about $500 a site, which I realize is crazy talk but I need to build up my portfolio and it’s still 2 grand and the work is not that difficult. I’m still deciding if I’m going to charge him extra so that he can upload mp3’s and then have them play in a Flash player. That will be pretty sweet but this wont be simple Flash player… It will basically be integrated into Xoops and will call PHP to connect to the database and grab the location of the MP3 so that it can be loaded and played. It took forever to try and figure out the ActionScript for that… that’s another reason I decided to take this Flash class. But this is just the start. Eventually I will create a full blown music jukebox that will allow each user registered with a site to create their own playlist and listen to the music from the site. Unfortunately in order to protect the MP3’s from being downloaded the owners of the site will need to have the MP3’s on another site. Of course the users of the site won’t have any idea where the MP3’s are coming from because only the database will have that info. Well I guess that's all for now....

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