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Single payer

This is why we need single payer. Now the insurance company is getting into the same misdirection game as the GOP and canceling policies on customers, one because those policies where crap to begin with, but two, in an attempt to up sale them into a higher priced plan while at the same time neglecting to tell them they can most likely get a cheaper plan in the exchange.


XGallery 2.5 progress update

The XGallery component is coming along well. The only thing left to fix is the RSS feed link and then go over the config section one more time. All of the modules it turns out had issues and needed to be update. But mod_xgallery_collection and mod_xgallery_fce is now working correctly. mod_xgallery_jscroller is the last of the modules and then I need to take a look at the search plugin and make sure it's creating the correct links. As for the social media addons, the Facebook comments/like/share plugin is created and works pretty well. I still need to create the Twitter and Google Plus plugins but these shouldn't take long. I also created a Disqus plugin in case people want to use this comment box instead. Support for these plugins are already added to XGallery so if any of these plugins are purchases they will just work, once you enable them and set their parameters. One benefit with these plugins will be the fact you can pretty much use them on any page of a website if you update your template with a few lines of code. I'll probably make a video tutorial on how to do this.

Pulling the trigger

So which GOP congressman is going to pull the trigger and crash ours, and possibly the world economy, by the end of the month... All I know is if the stock market crashes, I'm buying a lot of stock...

XGallery for Joomla 2.5

XGallery for Joomla 2.5 has now reached beta and should be ready to be made available in the next week or two. There's been a lot of changes in this version. Categories are now created using com_category instead of being managed by XGallery. Site owners will now add categories to their menu just like any other component category so this mean the Mod XGallery Menu will go away. File uploader has been replaced and is now using plupload. I like this uploader a lot more because of it's image sizing capabilities and drag and drop capabilities for browsers that support this. I replaced the thumbnail selector with Joomla's media component viewer. For site owners wishing to store their images outside of document root, you will need to manually specify your collection location or purchase a plugin I created that will modify media's location to point to outside of document root. The template themes have been changed and will take better advantage of Joomla's template system. As a last minute thought I added Cache-Control to images that can be enabled or disabled. There was a lot of code cleanup as this component was pretty much written from scratch. As for a Pro version, I'm still deciding how I'm going to create this. I don't really want to keep two code bases. I'm also thinking about adding the ability to get certain features from the Pro version into the Free version for people that just need certain features, like Facebook comments and other social media options. I think this will make it easier to maintain and these plugins will be designed to work on both XGallery and XMovie. I just finished up my wife's website,, which uses the new J2.5 XGallery component and I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results. This gave me the chance to test and improve this component on a site that is now live and all of the customization is done through template overrides. Once I've submitted XGallery to the JED team, I will be turning my attention back to XMovie to make further modifications and updates.
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