About Me


I've worked the in the tech industry since 1996 and have been in web development since 2004. My primary focus is on front-end development, custom Joomla components and modules to expand the functionality of the Joomla CMS. I find web design and development fascinating and have worked to learn the inner workings of the most popular Content Management Systems as well as the latest UI new australian online casino Frameworks and Front-end development concepts. I have also worked to spread what knowledge I have learned to the Development community in order to help solve problems and spread the knowledge so others may accomplish their tasks.

In my spare time I work with the Joomla community to help fix problems people have and also to offer support for components and modules I maintain. I also work to bring new ideas and ideas that people would like to see in the functionality of their websites to reality.

When I'm not busy doing development, I enjoy spending time with my family and going to Southern California to see my parents. My hobbies include learning new development techniques, cooking, playing World of Warcraft and chatting with people in other countries.

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