It's an odd Friday

Normally I'd be happy that it's Friday, but I just felt annoyed all day today. I decided to work from home today. It probably would have been better if I went to work though. Working on my Laptop can be irritating, especially without a mouse. And having dual monitors at work makes it more efficient to get thing done. At least for me... I started out the morning by helping someone in product marketing setup her language XML files so they would display correctly in her Flash presentation. It was interesting dealing with the XML files she gave me. One wasn't readable and half the others failed XML validation so if I selected them as an option none of the text would show up. I ended up having to redo them and eventually got it working. It was kind of cool to see what 9 different subtitle languages would look like in the dynamically generated menu. It can only support 10 languages, because after that, the menu will grow past the top of the movie. Later I got an email from one of the other managers asking when I'd look at his exported Typo3 XML files to make sure they didn't contain any errors before he sent them to translation. I had no idea what he was talking about so had to search through some previous emails he sent. I found out he had sent an email on Tuesday telling me another member on my team would stop by to talk to me about it, that day. Well that never happened... But the email also had an attached zip file so I just ran the 10 or 12 files through a validation script and found two had issues. One was an easy fix, but the other, I just fixed what I could and told the guy that was suppose to talk to me back on Tuesday to verify if file was exported correctly. Half the file was totally messed up. Then I got an email from one of the producers saying he tried to add a forth quote to a flexible content element (FCE) someone created but it would only show three quotes. This FCE is cool because it rotates through each quote, displaying one after another. I did a quick look and found out whoever created the Javascript, and the FCE for that matter, set it to stop at three values. I'm not sure why they did that, but I just changed it to stop at the total number of values, minus one, in the array and then start back at the beginning. That way they can add as many quotes to the array as they want. And that was my day.

So I bought a Kindle G3 + Wi-Fi the other day. It's a pretty cool little device. I ended up returning it though. For me the font size was to small and if I changed the font size to the next option which was 150%, it was to big. I think it's probably because the pdf files I was ready were technology books and those are normally big books. If I read say a novel, the font size was just fine. Maybe I should have gotten the Kindle DX, but now I'm deciding to get the Zenithink ZT180. It's cheaper than the Kindle DX (and Ipad) and has a color screen. But one of the main reasons I want that device is because it runs the Android Operating System. Mae has an issue with me buying it now though. She doesn't get it that's why. Anyway, I want to use this device to create Android apps. And from seeing all the videos on YouTube about this device and how it works, I see it having huge potential and will be a strong Ipad contender. It also plays Flash, has an app for YouTube and other nice features if you install the apps and have the latest updates.

I'm pretty much finished with the Pro version of my Xgallery component for Joomla. I still need to setup the shopping cart before I can sell it though, but I already have a few people that want to buy. I decided to put that aside for now and work on my movie component. It's coming along pretty well. I fixed the outstanding issues I saw, except one, and added the view to display the movie in Shadowbox. I still need to setup the Javascript for Shadowbox, but I wont do that until I've tested all the movies that it will support. Hopefully I can work on it this weekend and get it to a finished state. Most likely I will release it sometime in December...

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