Friday the Obama administration announced the federal deficit was smaller in 2010 then 2009. Not that much smaller, but it wasn’t double or triple which was what Republicans were saying. It’s down to 8.9 percent of GDP from 10. Hopefully Obama will continue to have the ability to make changes and help the economy. And in December the Fiscal Commission should be coming out with their report on the best way to cut the budget. It should be interesting to see what they come up with. But it was nice to see that we are going in the right direction on lowering the deficit.

I took a break from working on the Pro version of Xgallery. During that time I worked a little on the ecommerce shopping cart for my site. I didn’t need anything full blown like Virtual Mart and I also didn’t want to deal with the frustration of modifying and separating their code from html just to make the cart look the way I want. I did that once and it was annoying. Now they came out with an updated version. Since they didn’t use the Joomla Templating engine, I would have to start over in customizing the look. So I decided to look for a more standardized ecommerce solution. Right now I’m checking out Tienda. So far it looks promising. Setting up a product wasn’t too difficult and adding it to the site was pretty strait forward. I copied the templates over to my theme but haven’t had time to modify them and see how everything works out. Hopefully I can finish that up this week. I also took the time to think about additional features I wanted to add to the component. For the tags, I’m thinking to send it to the search component of Joomla but for Xgallery and movie search plugins tags searches will pull up collections or movies based on tag names instead of searching other fields like description. I’m also looking into seeing if I can add a feature where the admin can submit a collection to their facebook album. That would be pretty cool. I think it’s possible; I just need to take the time and find out how.

Work seemed a little busier this past week. A couple people had problems getting their Flash videos to show up using shadowbox. Two other people are having issues with Site Catalyst not storing their tracking posts. That seemed a little odd because this was all of a sudden. I have to do more research Monday and see if this is site wide. One interesting problem I helped solve this past week was a problem with the VMware forms not doing field checks and just submitting the information. The only reason I learned about it was because one of the Producers was having problems getting a registration form to work and since I wrote the JavaScript for the form he was using, I could help him the quickest. It was pretty difficult to figure out because there weren’t any JavaScript error messages. I decided it would be quicker just to ask the people on my team if any of them made an update to any of the files recently and also checked Perforce to see any recent updates and compare them to previous versions. In the end we figured out another team had given us JavaScript files that added a new feature to our form pages but it ended up breaking the pages. I’m not sure why this wasn’t tested before sending it out live. What upset me the most about this was my previous boss tried to make it out that it was the fault of the form JavaScript file I created and that I needed to ask my co workers to come help me. Obviously he didn’t read the email I sent out that it was breaking five separate forms, of the ones I checked, and my JavaScript form file was only on two. I’m just glad I’m no longer on his team. He has a habit of not listening to a person. In the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to start working on the interwoven project. They are still setting up the servers so once that’s done my time will probably become busier. We shall see…

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