Another weekend gone...

Some new health care reforms came out last week. They were pretty nice changes too. NPR did a show on Forum about it last week and you can listen at if you're interested. The Republicans also unveiled their “Pledge to America” document. You can learn about that here... It's really disturbing they want to repeal the health care bill. It seems convenient though when ever they are asked on camera what would they cut in particular, they don't really give an answer. And the examples they are given are the ones they would keep. It seems like they are really trying to play off the fact that the American public is so angry with Obama and the health care bill, they will get voted in regardless of whether their facts are strait or not. But there are a lot of Americans out there that's pretty upset so their plan might just work. I don't know if those upset people read the bill or if they had, did they compare it to what they currently have now. It's suppose the make Medicare solvent for another decade. But I don't know what people are expecting from the Medicare program. It's eventually going to fail the more people are living longer. Now if we a lot of young people paying into the system too, it could probably go a lot longer and could give a lot better service... not to mention pay the physicians better. I mean look at the insurance company. Their stocks sored when investors learned that the insurance companies were going to get a fresh infusion of younger adults that normally don't buy insurance. How is it that the insurance companies saw what happened but the American people didn't. Well Bill Maher pretty much said the reason why... I'll leave it at that. It's to bad Obama and the Democrats didn't argue how by bringing young adults onto the Medicare system or Public Option we would in essence do what the insurance wished they could do and now can do. But we'll see what happens after the November elections. Republicans already said they plan to stop Obama in his tracks and repeal health care and probably anything else they can. So if they get into power pretty much look forward to the next 2 years of doing nothing.

I spent more time on my movie component last week. I think it's pretty close to release. I still need to add a shadow box view for the different types of movies and I need to add an RSS feed. Then I have to test each movie and make sure they all play. Then I can start work on the plugins and modules. These should go by pretty quick. I already have a module in beta similar to the xgallery fce. So far I'm pretty happy with it. I've also been working on the Pro version of my gallery component. Most of the additions have been added. I'm pretty much finished with adding tagging capabilities. I'll probably start working on the slug and alias capabilities for the collections and then release it. But before that I'm gonna revisit the Facebook addon. I decided not to use the iframe version. It's not as flexible as the JavaScript JDK. Besides I'm thinking of adding a way to submit collections to Facebook Albums. That would be pretty cool but I need to figure out how that works first. But it will be interesting learning how the Facebook API works. I guess then I'll have to look at Twitter...

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