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I’ve been waiting all week for the weekend. Mae tried to get me to believe yesterday was still Thursday but I’ve been tracking the days. It’s nice to hear that the oil has stopped and in some places on the gulf coast business has gone back to normal. Now that the government has changed from a stopping the oil role to a cleanup and damage assessment role, hopefully those businesses on the coast will be compensated quickly and the oil gets cleaned up. Personally I think Obama did a pretty good job keeping pressure on BP and not losing their cool like so many other people including the media. I don’t know why people believe that just because the oil stopped now BP and the government are going to disappear. Even CNN tried to throw that thought out there. Obviously they haven’t been listening to any of the press briefings (all of them are at and I haven’t heard anything that would lead me to believe that government is going to let BP off the hook. Just because they have to work together to fix this problem doesn’t mean they are buddies. And if I know Obama, he is going to use this to push his agenda of clean energy, the restoration of the Gulf Coast and other beaches and more strict regulations. The benefit that we have in this president is he does not have any vested interest in oil companies, like the last President. If Obama can get that restoration bill through congress, that’s going to be pretty sweet. Can you imagine what it would be like if we had a Republican in office dealing with this mess. Honestly it’s pretty scary. Seeing how they fought all of the reforms this administration has tried to put in place, it makes me just so frustrated to see. Even going so far as to apologize to BP because this Republican Senator thought Obama strong armed the CEO into creating a 20 billion dollar relief account to help the residence and business in the Gulf Coast. I would urge everybody to go to and watch the press briefings and Obama’s weekly address. You will get better information on the problems we are having on that site then you would on media outlets like CNN and the Fox News comedy hour. Even The Colbert Report gives more accurate information. I also heard today that because of reforms this administration put in place, experts have said Medicare is now on a more stable footing and will last a couple dozen more years. That’s a good start, and if Obama is allowed to stay in office for 8 years we could very well have a surplus before he leaves office. However if people go to the polls this November and vote with their anger rather than their brains, we could really screw ourselves. Republicans have all ready stated what they plan to repeal and it’s obvious they plan to stop this administration in its tracks if they gain the majority. I have not heard anything meaningful from Republicans that would actually help us. And lowering taxes and making government smaller is not a plan I want to get behind. They want small government and no new taxes, yet they want all the nice public services like the Fire Department, Teachers, Medicare, etc. They need to make a choice. Yes there is wasted spending in government… there’s wasted spending in everything. How many people out there ever bought a product and then found it far cheaper somewhere else? You just wasted money buying something you didn’t do your research on and probably didn’t even need. This administration is working to make the government more efficient but at the same time letting the Bush tax cuts expire which would take us back to the Clinton years makes since to me. If we don’t have the money, why are we giving ourselves tax cuts using borrowed money? That makes no sense. I personally think Obama should let all of the Bush tax cuts expire, not just those for the rich. And listening to people like Stephen Moore spin how job growth is going in the opposite direction and its Obama’s fault makes me want to slap someone… namely him. When you remove the government census jobs that were cut out of the equation how many jobs did we really loose? Try None… I will be out in November to vote, because I honestly believe that if Republicans win seats, Obama will not be able to make good on promises he hasn’t acted on. I am glad that he was smart enough to deal with the campaign promises that are the most difficult in the beginning while he had the majority, thinks like Healthcare, Financial reform, ending the war in Iraq and others. Had he waited, it’s doubtful any of this would have happened.

So last week I decided to put my resume back on the net. My job will probably be outsourced next year, because our team has been split. My new manager doesn’t want to have any developers under her, only support people. This is not the direction I want to go. But also I’m still upset with the fact that they converted my to hourly, cut my pay by 10K, took away my bonus and told me if I wanted to get close to what I was making before I could work overtime. Normally I don’t mind working overtime, but if I’m forced to, that’s a different matter. The only reason why I stayed this long was because last year around this time my boss at the time said if VMware had good earnings in January, he would put in a request to put my salary back up to what I should be making for what I do. But then he quit for a startup and my new boss said it would be too difficult. Really?? I don’t believe he even tried. But now all of the developers that I used to bounce ideas off of quit for other higher paying jobs so I was left with developers that were just stuck in their ways and didn’t really try to learn anything new. Yesterday I got a call for a contract job in San Francisco that paid 55.00 an hour but there were no benefits and the job was 4 to 6 months with the possibility of extension. 55 dollars an hour seemed pretty sweet, but Mae didn’t think so considering there was no benefits so I turned it down. But I talked with another person for a permanent position doing more security development apps in PHP and Ruby. The job sounds pretty sick and I would be writing backend security app for well known applications used by millions of people today. I would also be learning Ruby, which is a definite plus. We will see how that goes.

I finished almost all of the code for the admin section of my Xoops Gallery module. I think this is a big improvement over my current gallery module. As for my Joomla XGallery component, I’m getting close to the point where I’m not going to add anything new to the free version. But I will start work on a Pro version that people can buy that will have additional features like ratings, comments, tagging, the ability to download a zip file of collection images, the ability to let registered users create their own galleries, banner ads and other features I’m still looking into. Hopefully if people are happy with the free version they will show their support by paying for a Pro version. I also started working on my movie component for Joomla again. Even though I started work on this component before my XGallery component, I only got it to a state where the features that I needed to use didn’t crash. Now I’m working to get it to beta. I might get it to a state where I will offer it for free and then create a Pro version that people can pay for. But I’m still deciding on how that’s going to work. I will probably also release a Banner module that allows the site owner to used Joomla’s banner component to create new banners and this module will be used to show certain banners depending on the category the user is viewing. But I’m still testing this to make sure it works as expected.

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