Father's Day

Today is turning out to be a pretty good day for Fathers Day. Mae is at work but will be getting off in a couple hours so that’s not to bad. Sleepworld delivered the futon matress we plan to use in the office/3rd bedroom, but I still need to put the frame back together. Kaia is down stairs playing with her cars and watching Ni Hao Kai-Lan but she comes up now and then to see what I’m doing and let me know if she needs anything. Later today I will finally transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer and make them web ready. Then I will upload them to Mae’s website so she can add them to her gallery. She still hasn’t gotten down the process of converting her digital images, which are normally around 3 mb, to web ready images, which are around a couple hundred kb. I’m probably going to add a feature to my gallery later this week, if I have time, where she can upload a zip file or single image for a collection. I can then unzip the file and convert the images to a web ready version so that the whole process of her doing it manually will be gone. Hopefully that will help her to keep the gallery up to date.

There’s a couple new projects coming in at work dealing with Flash and a Training presentation. It sounds like they want to load f4v files one after another, like chapters but also allow the viewer to click on a previous chapter and restart the presentation from that location. That sounds interesting. I’ll find out more Monday or later this week. Friday I had absolutely nothing to do because all my projects where finished and new projects weren’t coming until next week. So I spent most of the day working on my Movie component for Joomla and a couple things for my XGallery component. Once I get the file uploader feature added to my gallery component then I need to turn my attention to my Gallery 2 module for Xoops. There are a NUMBER of things I want to change in that module. But it will be a better module once it’s finished. I also want to change the way I’m displaying embedded images on the page for a single collection. The Adobe Spry api is a good API but I don’t think it’s needed for my component. I also don’t like the fact that I have to generate and XML file on the fly in order to use it. And I cannot watermark the images when the images are stored outside of the document root because of the way the API retrieves the images. I will look for a different API to do what I want or write my own.  Once that’s done I’ll need to port that over the the Gallery 2 module because it doesn’t even have an embedded view option. But I’ll be working on that module and the movie component at the same time. The movie component that’s currently on my website is almost finished so I’ll probably be releasing it in the next couple months. I’m still deciding if I want to sale this or offer it for free, hoping people will donate. We will see.

I found out Friday that the main JavaScript developer on our team will be leaving for a startup this coming Friday. I was like Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Man that’s pretty messed up… for our team. What’s more messed up is his job will most likely be offshored. He was a proficient Java developer too. Well I’m happy for him, but it sucks because he was the last guy that I could go to and bounce ideas off of. He was also the other guy that was converted to hourly, like me. I don’t know if his pay was cut by around 10k as mine was but he wasn’t to happy about it either. So I can understand him wanting to get out in favor of better pay and the ability to continue learning new technologies. Most likely once I get to the point with learning Android development that I can create an app to work with XGallery and Gallery 2, I will put my resume back on the net...

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