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It’s been hot lately and the official start of summer hasn’t even arrived yet.  Luckily it will probably start cooling off this evening. But it is a nice change from the cold weather. I’ve been following the oil spill, off and on and it looks pretty crazy on that side of the US. It’s interesting how people in Britain are flaming us for being hard on BP. Well I say, why don’t we have one of our oil company drill off the coast of Europe and while we’re at it, let’s cut a few corners and half ass our way through the project so that in the end the rig will explode and dump millions of gallons of oil on their shore. Then we can call it even. It’s also annoying listening to people, especially Republicans bash Obama and compare this to Katrina. I think the dumbest argument I’ve heard so far was, he was not angry enough. It’s like listening to a bunch of Morons!! Yeah that’s right, that’s all we need, another angry President ready to go with his gut and blame everybody regardless of whether it’s their  fault or not or even if they were involved. It’s almost as though people think the President should put on a show for the Media. And then when he does show a little anger, they blast him for that too. The stupidity of some people is beyond belief. I’m just thankful we don’t have a Republican in the White House. They probably would have nuked the whole Gulf Coast by now. I was listening to CNN last night and after 15 minutes I just had to turn it off.  David Gergen is starting to sound like a Dumb Ass. They were bitching about stuff they should have handled themselves and every time I turn on that channel, they have something new to bitch about and blame the president for. And all of their suggestions are nothing new. They’ve been floating around the internet for weeks. Hopefully they will be able to contain all of the oil soon while they wait for the relief wells to be completed. And once that’s finished hopefully the president will come down hard on BP. It’s nice that he was able to get that 20 billion dollar fund agreement to help streamline getting payments out. But BP has Billions more they will be paying once they’ve stopped the leak. It’s almost like the government has a running taxi meter just tallying up the bill.

My XGallery component for Joomla was finally listed on their Extension Repository last week after a couple months trying to get it listed. So far I haven’t heard of any problems with it. We will see how it goes. I decided to spend some time today working on my Movie component for Joomla. Most of this component is working. I need to fix what is not working and add additional features I want to see and then create some modules to go along with it. I’m debating if I will offer this component for free or make it something you have to buy. I allowed my gallery component to be downloaded for free but asked people to make a donation if they like the component or plan to use it for commercial use. I will wait and see how that works out. I also started learning how to create Android apps. Eventually what I want to be able to do is allow someone the ability to take pictures, or movies with the movie component, and upload them to their Joomla website. That would be kind of cool on Maes website because her Facebook has an RSS Feed to her gallery so whenever she updates her gallery, it appears on her Facebook. Hopefully I’ll have something like that working by the time we go to the Philippines.

Work has been busy off and on too. Today I didn’t have anything to do, that’s why I’m writing this blog, so I worked on my own projects. I found out last week that the new Director has decided to split up our web team of 7 into two groups… one dealing with front end apps and the other dealing with backend apps. The new team that I’m on will receive a new Senior Supervisor which also happens to be the Directors friend and we are planning to hire 3 or 4 more people from India. Seeing how the Director is Indian, the new Supervisor is Indian and any new hires are Indian not to mention the Director is replacing supervisors with his friends which also happen to be of Indian decent, I have a pretty good idea what that writing is on the wall. It’s annoying to see something like that happen, but knowing his intent to move as much work to India is his plan, I’m not really surprised. Do I care if they lay me off from this company? No… not really… I’ve wanted to move on for a while now. And ever since they cut my pay by 10,000 and made me half to work overtime to make it back, I’ve lost all loyalty to this company. I don’t mind working overtime, but being forced to is another matter. But I will just wait for the layoff so hopefully I will get a nice severance package and I will have more time to sale the stock options I have that hasn’t been vested yet. In the end I think it will be a good day…

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