New week

I had a pretty relaxing weekend.  I took the time to give the cars a badly needed wash. And I spent some time answering email questions about my Xoops gallery and movie component. I also found another problem with the modules that work with my Joomla gallery component. It wasn’t a show stopper but did effect what was being displayed in the gallery in certain situations.

Work has been okay. It’s been sort of busy lately. I had a couple projects that didn’t need to be ready until the 16th but I finished them early last week. They were pretty cool projects though involving creating Flexible Content Elements for Typo3 that took advantage of web 2.0 technologies. I could have taken my time, but once I got started I didn’t stop till they were completed. My supervisor gave me another project on Friday to create another Flexible Content Element that used a JavaScript accordion animation script to show and hide product information. I thought it would take till sometime next week to complete because the current product info page used JavaScript to do additional things in the background. Once I figured out what the script did it was pretty easy to modify it and adapt it to the new FCE I was creating. I ended up finishing the project the same day and went home early. One of my teammates told me that I didn’t need to finish my projects so quickly. I was like what??? Really? I guess I could have spent half the day surfing youtube or something… maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. But I just told her I would release it over to the Producers tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m sure I can find something to do in the mean time. I just started reading through this Android Pro 2 book so I could work on that. The nice thing about Android Apps is they are written in Java and XML. It gives me the opportunity to refresh my  Java skills. I’m thinking to create an app to work with my gallery and movie component for Joomla and maybe Xoops that would let someone like Mae upload pictures and movies from her phone to her website. Well we’ll see how that goes…

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