No car problems today

Well my car didn't seem to have any problems today, thank GOD!!! I was able to turn in all my resumes. I even had a chance to stop by the school and try and get my books for the fall semester. Man they are trying to tell me that I have to use a new book for my UNIX class. That sucks BIG DOOKIE!!!.... My instructor for my last UNIX class said we would be using the same book for all 3 parts of UNIX.. including shell programming. And then they want to pull this crap!! Plus it's an O'Reilly book... Just looking at the cover makes me think this book is going to be hard. I will need to find out if it's teacher dependent or what. But they weren't even selling the books until next week so I will wait. My C programming book is like $80.00... I can't believe it.. But I saw it for $45.00 at So I will probably buy it there. Me and Shino finally talked on the phone and got all of our confusion out of the way. Man I tell you, when ever we hear each others voice, we can pretty much fix any problem. If we where actually together and not in different countries.. We probably wouldn't have the problems to begin with. We really need to see each other. I REALLY NEED A JOB!!!! But I'm happy we could work things out. She's my special girl... Theo told me today that they are laying off ALL the Technical Support people at Roxio in December. They decided to put the tech support in India because it is cheaper. Man that's just wrong. They are taking away our jobs and giving it to people in another country. And how is that going to effect the people living here? First it was the H1-B visa and now this. Everybody working there HATES that company now. I hope Roxio goes down in Flames. If their new Easy CD Creator 6 software doesn't make it on the market that company is done. Good for them.... Theo said he will be moving to Southern California and will be glad if I move near them. I can't wait to get out of this hell hole...

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