Kayumi - Enhancement PvP

This is my character Katsumi, originally on Alterac Mountains, now on Blackrock. This movie was shot totally in battlegrounds and has mostly solo fights with some group fighting mixed in. In some fights I use my wolves and in others I don't. I just depended on the situation.

A little about my gear. My gear is a mix of Relentless, Wrathful and Furious Gladiator gear as well as some Titan Forged armor. Some players had said my gear is crap... none of them being Shaman, but I chose this gear because it gave me the enhancements I wanted. With this gear my yellow and white melee and spell damage is capped. Since I had to sacrifice things like dps and resilience most of the fights are drawn out.

About the music. This movie has trance background music and all of the music was taken from Markus Shultz' weekly Global DJ Broadcast and include the following...

Forgive Me, Forget You
On Hold
Open Your Heart


Note: This video is for entertainment purposes only. Don't look for learning lessons here...

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