XMovie is a component for Joomla that allows you to display a movies on your website. Once installed go to XMovie, click on Parameters and save your configuration.


Features include but not limited to:
  • Tables CSS layout
  • Multiple layout display options
  • Views can be easily integrated into your template
  • Choice between Embedded and Shadowbox Views
  • Access Rights on Categories or Movies
  • Track hits on categories and movies
  • Simple interface for adding new categories or movies
  • RSS Feed, all categories or single category
  • Support for category and movie descriptions
  • Add Description, Keywords, Author and Robot meta information to categories and collections
  • Supported Websites: Youtube, Daily Motion, Meta Cafe, My Video, Yahoo Video, Veoh, PP3G TV, Watch Me TV
  • Supported Formats: DIVX, AVI (experimental), MOV, SWF, FLV, F4V, WMV, MP4, RM (experimental), RAM (experimental)
  • Copy and Past embed code for movies on external sites.
Support Modules
  • mod_xmovie_fce: Display recent, popular, latest and random movies, either all or on a category basis
  • mod_xmovie_jscroller: Displays recent, popular, latest and random movies, either all or on a category basis using the popular Flowplayer api
  • mod_xmovie_menu: Display menu of categories
Support Plugins
  • plg_xmovie_search: Search plugin for XMovie

You will need to download Shadowbox Media Plugin from or another lightbox plugin/module that recognizes lightbox or shadowbox rel attribute in order to use the shadowbox view. NOTE: Shadowbox view does not work with all videos in IE. This is a Shadowbox issue that I am currently looking into.

JQuery is also required for effects to work. Visit the help section on general use, and to get the full benefits of XMovie download the modules and plugin in the download section.

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