Somehow I managed to catch a cold last weekend so I couldn't really do much. I'm pretty sure it happened because I left the fan on one night. Anyway, it was like four days of lying in bed and watching TV. But I also took Monday and Tuesday off. During that time I had more time to play with my G-Tablet, mainly because I really didn't want to go onto the computer. It was pretty messed up finding out I couldn't play most Flash videos anymore. I think they might have updated their players on Youtube and this required me to update the Flash on my tablet to the latest version. Unfortunately Viewsonic hadn't updated the software on my tablet since December. It was still running Android 2.1. And there wasn't an update for Flash on Viewsonic’s version of a Market, which was more like a website. I Google’d for any updated versions that I could install but there wasn't any. I decided it was time to wipe the OS and install an updated Rom. I went with the VEGAn-TAB  GingerEdition Rom. Once I updated the bootloader for the tablet installing the new Rom was pretty strait forward. This updated Android to 2.3.3 and I got Flash 10.3 installed which made all the problems I was having watching YouTube videos in hi def go away. I installed a couple of video players to handle all my videos needs and found an app called UpnPlay that let me stream divx, avi and other videos from my ReadyNAS Server. I use Winamp to manage my music library and a WoW app to keep up on the latest news going on in that universe. What's really cool is I have a Terminal Emulator app that I use to connect to my dedicated server through ssh when I need to make changes on the command line. Now I don't have to configure my laptop to bypass the firewall every time I need to do something like that. I haven't had a chance to test out the USB port but hopefully I can this weekend. The differences between the old Rom and this new one is like night and day. I'm finding that I'm using it a lot more now. I wasn't able to find an Acrobat Reader app, but there's an app called Quickoffice that's similar to Open Office and it can read PDF files too. It also has the ability to jump to certain pages in the PDF file which the Acrobat Reader I was using previously could not. This is a major plus. I'm waiting for VEGAn-TAB to come out with the new Honeycomb addition that will update Android to 3.0.

Work has been crazy. Trying to get each version of the vmware.com website onto the net from Interwoven has been mostly a frustrating experience. Not only does it break CSS and Javascript, but it has a habit of converting HTML code to their ASCII equivalent. A lot of it has been because of out dated coding. A lot of problems come from developers hard coding tag elements into the Javascript instead of using the DOM to create the tag element and populate it with the attributes and events that you want before adding it to the page. Interwoven chokes on stuff like that. But if that wasn’t bad enough, Interwoven’s Teamsite application crashes multiple times each day. It’s really annoying when you aren’t able to do your job and you are expected to work weekends because the CMS has so many problems.

So I decided to work Part-time and help out a startup my friend Jim helped to start. He had been wanting me to work there for almost 2 years but wanted to wait until they had the funding to pay me. But they got 2 more investors recently so now have enough money to stay afloat for another 2 years. I told Jim, I’d be happy with 90k plus medical and options, but I think the CEO is trying to figure out a way to pay me 110k all because I told him I made that much at VMware last year. Well that was with the help of working 5 hours overtime each week plus selling stock options. I didn’t actually mean he should pay me that much too. Originally I had planned to work there fulltime and quit VMware, but then I had my review last week and my manager managed to get me a 15% pay increase which restored my pay plus. After that, I couldn’t just up and leave. At least I shouldn’t leave so soon after getting the raise. Besides working part-time at the other company will give me a feel for the company but also allow me to work on more PHP Projects as well as Android development. There is more opportunity for me to learn new things at the other company so I will most likely end up working there full-time eventually.

I finished another Shaman PvP video for World of Warcraft. This video features clips in Rated Battlegrounds and Arena with regular Battlegrounds during the ending credits. Since this is the first year doing Arenas it was a new experience. But the main reason I finished it now was because Season 10 will be starting in a couple weeks and I thought it would suck to try so hard to get the current season Gladiator gear for the first time and not make a video out of it. However since the clips were taken from 2 days of playing, one day Rated Battleground and this past weekend Arena, there are not going to be spectacular clips. But hopefully it will still be interesting to see none the less. I upgraded my monitor and video card to the Asus VG236H 3D monitor and EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti video card. Now I can capture at 1080P. Playing WoW in 3D is totally amazing.

Kaia is doing well. It amazes me how much she has grown. She’s pretty much half Maes height at 3 and ½. In a couple weeks she will go to a child development class that will be 2 days a week for 2 months. I’m mainly doing it so she can learn how to interact with other kids. Even though she does pretty well now, that experience would be good for her and I know she will have a lot of fun hanging out with other children. Hopefully this year we can go to the Philippines, because she always wants to see her Uncle and family on Skype and talk to them.
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