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The president gave a pretty interesting speech last week and outlined his proposal for the 2012 budget. I’d have to say its miles ahead of the Paul Ryan proposal. Ryan’s proposal was just a joke. He wasn’t really serious about balancing the budget. And it makes no since that it would take almost 30 years before the budget was balanced. I was happy to hear Obama wants to cut defense and Medicare and redo taxes while trying to invest in Education and infrastructure. This makes a lot more since then what Ryan wants to do which is to cut Medicare, healthcare and entitlements like education but still give tax breaks to the upper class. It’s difficult to understand the Republican thinking. It’s almost like they are trying to run our country off a cliff. It’s hard to believe they were willing to shut down the Government over things like Planned Parenthood and then try to reverse the argument saying it was the Democrats that are arguing over it. I’m sure there will be people that will believe them, but intelligent people will not. I’m actually hoping Donald Trump will enter the race just so I can see him get beat down by Obama. Once Trump decided to make Obama’s birth certificate the center of attention, I lost all respect for him and don’t see him as ever being anybody serious enough to consider.  But we really need to do something about our debt. With Japan in the situation that they are, it’s doubtful they will continue to buy our debt and from what I hear China reported a deficit. I personally thought the spending cuts when to deep with the 2010 budget they just passed. But it turned out most of the cuts they made was money that would have gone back to the government anyway. I think it turned out to be a little over 3 billion in cuts. I didn’t like the cuts they proposed because it only focused on the 12% of the budget that would help the people. It didn’t cut anything from Defense, Medicare or Social Security so it really didn’t mean anything. Republicans only seem to want to reduce taxes, mainly for the upper class and cut services, mainly for the lower and middle class. Democrats and Independents want to let the Bush Tax cuts expire for the upper class, I prefer for everybody, revamp taxes, cut defense, means test Social Security and I guess address Medicare somehow. The problem with Medicare is it’s mostly used by the Elderly which are expensive. If Medicare had more young people, the costs would be more balanced since younger people don’t need as much care. It looks like Obama plans to include some of the proposals made by the Deficit Commission. His goals seem pretty clear, but he can’t put this proposal into law himself. Congress and the Senate need to do their and work out a compromise that will help the country. Hopefully it will be quick.

It’s nice to see the economy is improving. Unemployment is slowly dropping and in California unemployment is around 12% now. If you’re in Information Technology it shouldn’t to difficult getting a job. I put my resume on the net late last month and it was pretty amazing the responses I got. I almost took a job with a Company called William’s Sonoma but ended up turning it down. It was pretty hard to turn it down even after being offered $60 an hour but it still didn’t match what my currently salary is when you include stock options, tuition reimbursement, sick pay and vacation pay. And this was a contract position. I’m sure I would have done well enough to become permanent but I thought it would be better to finish school first before going that route. But if William’s Sonoma decides to hire me full time I would most likely take that. And I can see a lot of ways I could help improve the website. I ended up taking my resume back off the web a couple weeks later.
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