Monday Morning

This past weekend went by way to fast.  I hope the week goes by just as fast. There isn’t much to do this morning. The project I was working on that should have lasted till tomorrow was actually completed on Friday. I also finished up pretty much everything I had planned to do for my XGallery component for the moment. I will revisit it again later if I or anybody else runs into any bugs. It was a tossup as to if I should work on my Gallery Module for Xoops or finish my Movie component for Joomla. I installed a fresh copy of the latest version of Xoops on a test server this morning. I had to play around with it for a few minutes to remember what options I had available in this CMS. I also installed a copy of the current Gallery module and setup a gallery so I could see how things are working. It turns out; the gallery isn’t working well with the latest version of Xoops. After going through some of the programming logic, I decided to rewrite this module, adding some of the features from the XGallery component. Hopefully once it’s finished it will be a better module. Hopefully it won’t take long too.

I started playing WoW a little more then I normally do lately. Since the beginning of the year, I’d probably only play a couple times a month. Mostly I played less out of boredom.  But also because I’ve been busy with my Gallery Component. This past month I decided to change to a West Coast server, previous server was on the East Coast. I found out after the transfer the Horde outnumbers Alliance 6 or 9 to 1 on the new server. I don’t know yet if this is good or bad, but it’s a lot easier to find horde in the world for World PvP.  Also the battle groups we compete against are more difficult because the players are more focused on PvP. I like this because the battles so far have been pretty even. We will see how much interest I’m able to retain being on a new server before I quit the game. Also Albis made a new video and I will post it as soon as I finish the conversion. The video is pretty sick….

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