It's Tuesday

It’s been a busy month and a half. Work has been pretty crazy. I’m still working on our Interwoven project, trying to migrate our US website onto Interwoven. Frustrating would be putting it lightly. We had a consulting group come in and build the infrastructure to our specifications. Knowing once this project is done I will end up spending the rest of the year restructuring the content and understanding what they did and why gives me a headache. I’m just glad my review is coming up soon so I can have a better idea how the rest of the year is going to go. One big problem is I’m not currently doing any programming while working on this project, just repetitive tasks. But I was lucky enough to get a couple of “urgent” projects come through that gave me time away from Interwoven. One project was an issue with the world wide region selector page going into a loop when you selected a country, in IE. I found it odd that the page had been up for 250 days and nobody noticed. As it turned out there was a bug in a plugin a previous JavaScript programmer wrote that he never fixed. Since I couldn’t modify that file, I ended up just putting in a fix to look for the bug and work around it. The other project was a PSD to HTML conversion. I tried to stretch that out as long as I could but it was a simple page and they just wanted strait html since it was going to be imported over to Interwoven and Interwoven seems to mess up with Flexible Content Elements coming from Typo3. Most likely it’s just the ways it’s being imported and the custom script needs to be modified.

I finished the E-commerce portion of my website. But now I decided I would add the multi user support now rather than later. This took a lot of thought because these are pages registered users would access to create their own galleries. These pages couldn’t have the same functionality as the Admin section. I already created a page to list the logged in users collections. For the most part the page where the user will create new collections is pretty much finished. For the uploader I decided to try SWFLoader. SWFLoader is pretty cool. It basically acts similar to Facebook’s file uploader. I was able to get that part working as well as create the method for handing the images and moving them over to the correct location. Since I was able to use Joomla’s classes most of the information necessary to do that remained in house. For now once each image has been uploaded, I will just populate a select box so the user will be able to select a thumbnail. Later I’m thinking about creating some kind of Shadowbox popup to display all the thumbnails, or a pagination page so the user can choose a thumbnail for the collection. Hopefully this will all be finished by next week and I can do a final test and release it. I have a few people waiting to purchase it.

I released my second Kayumi Pvp movie a couple weeks ago. This is a World PvP video and features me trying to level up to 85 while other players try to gank me. I found a lot of good music right around the time I was about to start playing the game again so I thought it would be cool to create a video of fights at almost each level.

Kaia is doing well. She’s been forming more sentences lately. I have a lot of fun talking to her and seeing the look on her face as she’s thinking of the words she wants to say. It seems like she’s getting tall. She’s more than half Mae’s height. She really enjoys playing with her Legos. We plan to buy more Legos later this month so she can build more than one house and car. I bought a micro sized Helicopter to fly in the house. She really likes to watch it fly. Mae’s also teaching her Tagalong. Maybe if she goes back to the Philippines this year she will be able to communicate. We will see.

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