New Year

Today so far has been a pretty slow day. In fact I spent all morning just checking email and talking with friends. I have a meeting with my manager in about 15 minutes so maybe she has some work coming through. I’ve been procrastinating starting the project of styling VirtueMart to match my website. I went to the VirtueMart teams website to see if they changed their way of managing their templates and also to answer a couple questions. The response I got from one of the moderators basically said the reason why they don’t use Joomla’s templating engine and decided to use their own was because they didn’t want to make Joomla overly bloated. That didn’t make since at all, but the moderator never responded back after I posted a response to him. I wonder if that’s also the reason why they mix html with their backend programming logic… I’m also thinking about scrapping my current template and creating it again, if I can find the original PSD. My XMovie component was unpublished from the Joomla website over the weekend because of an LFi vulnerability found. Unfortunately the Joomla team didn’t tell me where the vulnerability was found, but there was only one place I could think of where the problem could have been. You’d have to be an admin to exploit it but it was a pretty quick fix and I put out an updated version a couple hours after seeing the notice. It’s been 3 days and they haven’t responded, typical Joomla Team response time. Hopefully they hurry up, because it’s currently listed as a popular extension even though it’s only been available for a little over 3 weeks. There have only been maybe 3 or 4 emails from people having problems setting up the component even though the component had been downloaded over 1800 times at last check. Most of the problems though were people not reading the documentation or help icons. Hopefully this means there’s very few bugs in the component.

I spent most of my week long vacation, last week, playing World of Warcraft. I don’t know how long it’s been since I really played. The first night was pretty crazy. It seemed like everybody wanted to gank me but after a while of fighting people decided to leave me alone. The most annoying thing was having some lvl 85 come around and kill me. I guess they couldn’t kill anybody their own level so they decided it’s easier to kill someone 5 levels below them. I wasn’t able to capture any of the first or second night activities because of issues with my Fraps capturing program, and I missed a lot of good fights until I finally decided to just leave the program recording the entire time I was playing. I started creating a new video out of the clips but only have half the movie finished. Since I’ve reached 85 already the second half of the video will be game play at level 85. Hopefully it will turn out to be a good video.

Kaia is doing well. She’s starting to put words together now which makes it easier to understand what she’s trying to say. The other night she was telling me she wanted 3 chairs for her dolls and then she went to her room to get a second chair but didn’t find one. She pointed to an empty spot where a chair normally would be and asked me “Where chair”. I told her it was in the bathroom and she went there to get it. Then I told her the third chair was downstairs and she went down to get that too. Another instance was when Mae was about to leave the room to go downstairs and Kaia told her to wait and then pointed to an empty chair next to her and said “Sit down”. It will be interesting to see how the next couple months turn out.

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