Day before Friday

This week has been for the most part slow. I thought it would be busy, because last week I had four projects that came my way, though they all came in on Wednesday. Had I known I would have taken my time working on them. One project from marketing involved updating a German config JavaScript file to include the Sub Divisions of that country so they would show up on our contact sales form when the German local was selected. The original developer quit, then came back but in a different department. Another developer that was the next JavaScript Guru quit too so I guess it was just me. (*_*) Besides I had a lot of free time and my co worker was overloaded with things to do. Once I understood how the code worked, it didn’t take long to update. I also found another bug while going through the code so it was good that I did. Another producer had a request dealing with the same contact page and wanted to add a new config file to populated interested products. Going through the code made it easier and quicker to finish this project. What was really cool was I had told the producer I wouldn’t get to it till Friday or Monday at the latest. It was nice to get it done by Thursday. I then had to update and modify a new micro site written in four different languages, so four sites total. Originally I was only requested to update the background image and the buttons, but I ended up having to update the position of the content, removal of html, a lot of css updates, link changes and button image updates. That was interesting, but I have to say the micro site looks pretty cool. I like the different shades of blue. It was pretty messed up to learn today that all of the CSS changes for the French and German micro sites were gone and I had to redo them. On top of that I learned this morning we had a party at a pretty nice Museum starting at 11:30 so I had only 30 minutes to make the changes. My co worker was already updating the image names and so I told her I’d do the CSS. It wasn’t a total loss though. I only needed to make a few changes and it would be all good. I found out later my co worker had already made the changes and submitted the files to Perforce. I thought that was odd because I was looking at the page and I could still see issues. By now it was already 11:35 and I could tell she wanted to go. I had just heard about this party so I wouldn’t be to upset if I didn’t go. Besides I had things I wanted to do today. So I just stayed behind. I’m glad I did because there were a lot of issues I saw. It didn’t take much time to fix them and test them in IE6 and a few other browsers.

I spent the rest of this week working on my movie component and fixing a couple bugs in my Xgallery component. I finally moved this version over to my main site. The previous version I was using was one of the first revisions. It wasn’t even named the same. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and it also gave me some time to test it more. Today I wrote the documentation for it and fixed some oddities I saw. I just need to add the help icons and do some checks with movies displaying in shadowbox. I just learned that shadowbox seems to have an issue with media playing in a div container on IE. This is going to be a problem for people that want to use shadowbox...

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