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So school is coming to an end and I have to say it was a pretty interesting class. I didn’t realize how powerful Flash could be but I see there are so many possibilities. It’s to bad there isn’t another more advanced class then the current advanced class I’m taking now because while doing the final project I ran into a lot of different classes that is really useful. So now I’m seeing if I can get into a different department at my company, VMware, that will let me work more with Flash, as well as Java, PHP, exc. My current position gives me limited exposure to scripting for the web, but not enough to help me advance. I’m thinking about adding a links page onto my website and there I will put a link to my final project. But honestly this site could be its own site if I wanted to take the time and buy another domain. I’ll just have to see. So now I’m thinking to add Flash to my main site while at the same time redesigning the site because it looked the same for 5 or 7 years. I think it’s about time for a change. And I still need to put something together for my eyenetdesigns.com website. That’s suppose to be my landing page for side jobs. But I’ve really done nothing with it except use it as a test site. It would be cool to design something totally in Flash but then I would have to give up Xoops as the content management system unless I want to do some serious hardcore programming. I don’t have that kind of time. But I’m thinking one cool thing I want to create is another version of the xsgal that I’ve been working on. This gallery was originally created by someone in Iran and even though I completely rewrote the module to help him I still can’t really call it mine and there’s a few enhancements I would like to add to the module which I can’t because I’m waiting for him to finish adding the latest lightbox feature. Besides I’ve been wanting to create a flash Image gallery for Xoops for a while so I think it will be fun. Once that’s finished I’m thinking about creating an mp3 jukebox module for xoops that would allow users to create their own playlists and stream music from that site. That would be a pretty cool thing to have. I’ve been following the presidential candidates a lot and I have to say it is both interesting and annoying. I voted democratic, Obama, and would have accepted either Obama or Hillary as the nominee, but over the course of time Hillary has become to disturbing for me to want to support her and I would never support Mccain. So what is a person to do?? It’s annoying that the media can’t get off the subject of the pasture and now they are talking about his new pasture. Yes he said some offensive things, but whats really upsetting is the video’s that air don’t show the whole speech so you don’t get a better understanding… Like the chickens coming how to roost. (I think is was the saying). You would never have known he was actually quoting another person unless you listened to the whole thing. And not putting his hand over his heart during the pledge??? That probably would raise concern if it wasn’t for the fact that that picture wasn’t taken during the pledge, it was taken during the singing of the national anthem where you are not required to put your hand over your heart. And the issue with not wearing a flag pin is just childish. I don’t want to be bothered with these childish things. I am more interested in knowing what the candidates are going to do for me? I want Hillary to spell out her plan for getting out of Iraq and her plan for health care as well as Obama’s plan and even Mccain’s. But one thing I will not forgive Hillary for is for authorizing the war without reading the briefing. How do you just do something like that and expect people to just be okay with it. I also want her to be more forthcoming with her taxes… A LOT more then she did with her travel records and meetings. That’s complete BS to release those documents then comment out names and places that could raise questions about her. And this issue about releasing the tax records after the tax season, pretty much when the majority of the states would have already voted is pretty devious. Why would I want someone that is soooo secretive about these things to be my president? That’s probably why she has not accepted the offer to interview on CNN or NPR. She most likely doesn’t want to be faced with questions she doesn’t want to answer. And Mccain is another story… he has a temper and will most likely get us all killed. I really don’t want him answering that red phone… AT ALL!!! On there separate occasions he’s made a mistake about Iran training al kaida ( yes I know it’s spelled wrong… I don’t care). How difficult it is to get the facts right, especially if you’ve been corrected three times???? But enough venting….. So my parents will be coming down in a couple of weeks and I will most likely take some time off. It will be nice to get away from here anyway. My new boss is a serious micromanager and it’s pissing off the whole team. Most of us are just bidding out time before we can move to a different department. I don’t know what the hell his problem is but he took a totally fun environment and turned it into a place where you have to watch your back. I stopped caring about my numbers or being the top person to resolve tickets a long time ago. Being one of the top people that still resolve the most tickets is pure luck, because half the time I’m doing my own thing. Now I just come in and do my work and then go home. But in any case I still need to stick around long enough to vest all of my stock options. Then I’ll most likely be ready to move to Southern Cali and buy a condo or something. But that for sure won’t happen until after we finish paying off the house we are buying in the Philippines. This house is pretty sweet. It’s in town and 15 minutes walk to the beach. It will pretty much be our vacation home. Kaia is also doing well. She a pretty smart baby… so smart it gets annoying sometimes. But of course I still love her. I just can’t wait for her to talk so she can finally tell me what she wants. I still put pictures on my wife’s website, www.maesworld.com, and just started putting up video so her family in the PI can see and also my family in Southern Cali. She’s a funny little girl that’s curious about everything. A couple times I caught her staring at me while she was crying then turn her head away when I look at her. We started collecting Disney movies and Pixar animations for her so she can watch. Even though she’s a little over 3 months old she seems to enjoy colorful things a lot. Well that’s all for now…
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