End of the Year

The end of the year is coming to a close. I think this was a pretty good year for me. Learned a lot of new things, got to meet interesting people and had a new baby. Kaia is doing fine. She is so active and looks like she will be a pretty smart baby. She doesn't cry a lot, only when she wants something, so I guess we lucked out. I took a 2 and 1/2 week vacation to spend time with her and Mae. I have to say it's been a pretty nice vacation. I still have another week to go so I haven't left my chill mode. Picture of Kaia can be found at [url=http://www.maesworld.com]www.maesworld.com[/url]. I thought that would be the best place for us the place the pictures because her family visits there the most. My parents also came down for her birth. Dad stayed with me during the waiting period but he left as so as she started giving birth. I guess he couldn't handle watching the birthing process. They stayed for about a week so we got to hang out. I could really tell dad was happy to see the baby. Even Glady's my stepmother was happy. I'm sure she was even more happy it wasn't her giving birth. They plan to come back up in a few months to check in on us. My brother says he will be coming down next month to see us. School ended pretty well. I got an A for both my PHP and Flash programming classes. I did learn a few things in PHP that I didn't already know. I'm sure I would have learned a lot more if I had read the book and instruction materials. But my main focus was on Flash. I really enjoyed my Flash class. The teacher said my final was pretty impressive ([url=http://www.optikool.com/project/finalproject.html]Final Project[/url]) and he didn't expect to see something like that come out of a beginning student. I assured him I had no prior knowledge of Flash before taking that class. It was just a matter of applying the things he taught and reading through tutorials on the net. He says he wants to use the project as an example to future students. That's pretty cool. Though there are a couple of things on the project that I would like to fix. But I will be able to do that the more I learn ActionScript. I'm really looking forward to taking the class so I will be able to do more things. I decided to take the little knowledge that I new and add Flash to Mae's site. I really just wanted to see if I could integrate it into a Xoops theme along with calling out function in PHP and it looks like I was pretty successful. Now I'm thinking about doing the same thing with my website but I have to think of something that would be really cool. Well one of these days I'll get started. So other then that life is pretty much the same. I'm still playing World of Warcraft. Got my Mage up to 70 and also got all the Epic PvP gear I'm going to get for now for my Shaman. I don't play as much as before since Kaia is here but I still try to enjoy my game time. Well that's all for now!! :-D
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