This week went by pretty quick.... thank God. I had to come into work at 6:30am this week and I have to say it was hell. I don't know how Theo does it. The only upside is the fact I get off at 3:30 instead of 5pm so I can't complain to much. I finished my Midterms last week and this week. So now school is more then half way over. The Flash class has been pretty fun. I'm actually learning a lot and so far my teacher has been impressed with some of the projects I've turned in. I can't wait till it's finished though. The PHP class has been more tedious then fun. I managed to get a 46 out of 50 without picking up the book. And luckily my latest project just involved me fixing the teachers programs and writing regular expressions. So now I have the whole weekend to do nothing but sleep (like that's going to happen). Eventually I will start on this MP3 jukebox I've been wanting to make as a module for Xoops. Of all the one's I've seen so far, none of them are good enough to use in any serious way even though the player is Flash. Most of the problem stems from the Flash player not really being integrated into the Xoops module it is suppose to work with. I found one Flash player where the person expected the user to create an XML file and load that and yet another player that just played one song. That's only half ass work but I can also understand that maybe the creator doesn't know how to integrate Flash with PHP. Well once I create the module, they will have a blueprint to work off of. I also spent some time this week working on the x_movie and cdbase modules to fix some problems people had. One person asked if I can add support for this site www.veoh.com. I took a look at it and the videos are pretty nice. I will probably add that feature before incorporating a French language pack a few people want me to add. Apparently my version of x_movies is the only one that works correctly. I'm still playing WoW. Mostly doing PvP. Somehow after the last patch my graphics card slows down to like 15fps when there's 20 or 30 other players moving around at the same time... I need to do a performance test now. Although all the settings my be cranked to high. Should check that too. In any case I updated the drivers last night so hopefully that will help. Well Xmas is around the corner and I'm ready for a break. Mae Ann is looking forward to next week when she can stop working. That doesn't make her Employers to happy. They don't want her to go. The pamper that girl so much it's funny. Not only does she have a set 8 to 4 M - F schedule that nobody else has but she works in one department and has a chair to sit on. I'm sure she has a lot of envious people. They also gave her a baby shower last week. The pictures will be on her website, www.maesworld.com. The baby is moving a lot still. Mae said she saw the baby foot move across her stomach and it scared her. I didn't see it but it probably would have disturbed me too. But I know she's looking forward to getting little Kaia out of her. So work is pretty slow today. It gave me a chance to make some changes to this site I'm working on for my friends uncle's band. Man the changes he's asking for is being him closer and closer to having a static website where each page will have to be updated manually, and I will charge him a lot!! As it is now, pretty much everything is generated dynamically. But his other band members liked his previous site that basically looked like a picture... and that's it. Basically what you see is what you get. If he insists on going back down that road, I'll just let him dig his own grave. But for now the site is looking pretty nice. Well that's all for today.
Ayumi Hamasaki - DOA (Evolution)
June 06, 2008
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Sinomore - Into the Mix PvP Movie
April 22, 2014
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Ayumi Hamasaki - Daybreak
June 25, 2007
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