Add/Edit Collection

  • Name: The name of your collection.
  • Category: The parent category this collection belongs to.
  • Browse Folder: This folder appears after hitting the apply button for the first time. Clicking this link will take you to the Gallery File Manager and allow you to select a folder that’s located in your gallery root directory.
  • Collection Folder: When a folder is selected the folder name or path will be displayed here. If you uploaded a zip file of images, this folder will be populated for you. If you didn’t upload a zip file of images, you will need to click on Browse Folder to select a folder.
  • Upload Images or Zip File: This is where you can upload a single image or a zip file of images. If you are uploading a single image, you need to select a Collection Folder first. If you upload a zip file of images, if no folder has been selected, the zip file name will become the Collection Folder. If you already have a Collection Folder set, then any images or images from a zip file will be placed the Collection Folder that was previously set.
  • Browse Thumbnail: After setting your Collection folder location this link will be visible. When you click on Browse Thumbnail, you will start out in your collection folder location.
  • Thumbnail: When a thumbnail has been selected, it will be displayed here.
  • Quicktake: This is a short description to be displayed when using the category list view.
  • Description: This is the description for your category.
General Options
  • Hits: Collection hits. This field is modifiable.
  • Creation Date: This is the creation date for the collection. If this is left blank, the current date will be used.
  • Published: Use this to set the collection to published or unpublished.
  • Access Level: Set the access level here.
Metadata Information
  • Meta Description: Use this field to add a description for this collection. If this is left blank, the default Description is used. If the parent category has a meta description, that description will be included also.
  • Meta Keywords: Use this field to add additional keywords when this collection is viewed. If the parent category has keywords, those keywords will be included.
  • Meta Authors: Use this field to add a meta author.
  • Meta Robots: Use this field to add meta information for robots.

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