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          Hi!! and welcome to my page. This is a web site about my favorite Places, Hobbies, and Interest. I started this page a few years back as a hobby to test and learn new things about the web and website design. I'd have to say it's been a lot of fun and has expanded my skill set in the work place. From time to time, and when I have time, I will change my page as I learn more tricks and methods of making this site look better. However since I currently work on a number of different websites for different needs this site will not change often unless there's a problem.

          For those of you that have links of images andBeliever in Interracial Relationships... other pages from this website to their website, please check back to find new links whenever you notice a problem. For the most part the links will stay the same since I don't change the pages that often. In the future when I have time I may setup a notification to let people know of changes.

          If you have question about anything you find on my site or if I had something on my site that is now gone or you just want to say hi, shoot me and email and I will do my best to answer your questions. I don't mind answering question because I'm a believer in sharing information and ideas. Hope you enjoy my site and come back often...



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          This video was originally suppose to be a Mage video, but after creating the soundtrack, I decided to go with my Shaman on this one.

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